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LCC radio station marks anniversary

LCC connect radio show

LCC President Dr. Steve Robinson hosts "Alumni Stories & Teachable Moments" on LCC Connect radio. His guests are LCC employee Lisa Alexander (left), host of "Who's That Star," and Angela Mathews, a member of the LCC Board of Trustees.  Photo by Kevin W. Fowler for LCC

Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Editor in Chief

LCC Connect radio celebrated its one-year anniversary of partnering with Michigan Radio in early January.

In March of 2021, Michigan Radio responded to an LCC task force exploring alternatives to keep WLNZ broadcasting, and submitted a proposal to operate and program the radio station. Later that year, everything was finalized and LCC Connect radio was born.

Daedalian Lowry, the station manager of LCC Connect, said the partnership with Michigan Radio has been good for LCC radio.

“The collaboration with WUOM (Michigan Radio) has proven to be very beneficial,” Lowry said. “It has provided increased listenership and it has given us the ability to cultivate the concept of LCC Connect.”

Michigan Radio Marketing Director Steve Chrypinski congratulated LCC on the anniversary.

“We’d like to congratulate Lansing Community College on the one-year anniversary of LCC Connect,” Chrypinski said. “Connect has proven to be a great way to share the voices, vision and happenings at LCC with audiences on-air each week on 89.7 FM, as well as online.”

According to Lowry, LCC Connect’s name was chosen to highlight the connections between LCC and its surrounding community. Lowry said the station’s programming is locally based podcast-radio shows.

“Now, as we hit the one-year mark, we’re looking to include more programs hosted by community members and students,” Lowry said. “This month, we premiered The Lan-Scene, our first show fronted by a community member, Luci Solis. It’s Brittany B! is one of our student fronted shows. Rockstar Mentality is an upcoming student show.”

Last year, LCC Connect had an on-campus campaign called “The Podcast Powerup,” which was meant to let LCC students know they could be a part of LCC Connect if they wanted to. Lowry said LCC Connect will likely do that again this year, but until then, students can reach out to LCC Connect via the website, or on to fill out a contact form.



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