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New Hall of Heroes Club unites gamers

Hall of Heroes

Hall of Heroes Club members enjoy a game of Dungeons & Dragons at the new club's first meeting on Sept. 15.  Photo by Alexandra McCluskey

Alexandra McCluskey

By Alexandra McCluskey
Staff Writer

It can be hard to find like-minded people in college, but that’s what student clubs are for.

The LCC Hall of Heroes Club is the perfect group to join for those looking for a friendly, fun, role-playing group.

Henry Cleveland, vice-president of the group, recommended the club highly.

“It’s a place to make connections, to bond and get together,” Cleveland said. “It’s hard to find people to join with.”

At the club’s first meeting on Friday, Sept. 15, several members were playing Dungeons & Dragons 5E. The group is open to many different role-playing games, so long as someone knows how to play or lead.

Hall of Heroes was formed a couple weeks ago, and already has 20 members. They meet next on Thursday, Sept. 21 and Friday, Sept. 22 from noon to 4 p.m. on the second floor of the TLC building.

Not only do the members of this club seem fun and friendly, but they share a common interest: role-playing with friends. Most members seemed to have a passion for Dungeons & Dragons. Hall of Heroes, gives them an opportunity to share the fun of that game.

Through various friends, word-of-mouth, or simply searching around, these people have formed an interesting group to enjoy something they love, and are making friends while doing it.

For more information, or to join, go to the Hall of Heroes tab here and contact one of two club advisers: Alix Davis or Andy Miller.



finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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