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Students welcomed to new semester

Welcome week

Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Editor in Chief

Welcome back, LCC students! As the spring semester begins, LCC’s Welcome Back Week is in full swing for students.

Students can enjoy free popcorn, snacks and even free school supplies from the different Welcome Back Week booths set up on campuses.

LCC Conference Services Manager Kelly Hekler said LCC is welcoming all students, new and returning.

“LCC’s welcome back week features free food, activities and giveaways for students as well as campuses resources,” Hekler said. “It’s meant to welcome all new students and welcome back returning students.  Events happen at all LCC campuses, and all students are welcome to participate.”

Locations for these booths differ between campuses. LCC west campus has free goodies in the lobby, while main campus’ has giveaways in the Gannon StarZone area.

Welcome Back Week ends Friday, Jan. 13, so be sure to visit a Welcome Back booth soon. For more information on specific dates and goodies, visit the LCC calendar.



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