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Vinyl Record Club starts spinning

Vinyl Record Club startings spinning Feb. 24

Jacob Zokvic

By Jacob Zokvic
Staff Writer

The Vinyl Record Club (VRC) at LCC will host its first official meeting Thursday, Feb. 24 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in room 3311 of the Arts and Sciences Building.

The club members will meet every month to share their favorite music on vinyl, listen and learn from others, and explore the power of music to connect.

The club adviser is none other than LCC President Dr. Steve Robinson.

Robinson said he is very excited that this group is becoming an official student club.

“With the resurgence of vinyl records, I’m sure we have a number of students who will be interested,” Robinson said. “Clubs like these are also great ways for students to make connections with each other, which has been increasingly hard to do during COVID.”

Robinson said he thinks there is a reason college students are getting interested in vinyl again.

“There’s something about vinyl records that forces people to slow down and listen differently,” Robinson said. “There’s a physical album jacket to touch, read and care for. The songs hang together in an album of material.”

The VRC website states that the club was formed to create connections through the power of music, with an emphasis on sharing vinyl record collections, favorites and information. The club will also focus on turntable operation and maintenance.

“If you love vinyl or want to learn more about it, and are looking for a group to engage and connect with, the LCC VRC might just be your thing,” the website states. “All are invited to join President Robinson to explore the world through vinyl music.”

In order to be an officially recognized club at LCC, the club needs student officers. The club is in search of LCC students to fill the roles of president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.

The club is mainly for students, but staff and faculty are welcome to attend. Everyone is encouraged to attend regardless of their experience with records.

People with collections can bring along their favorite record to play for everyone. To learn more about the club and to register as a member, visit the club’s website here.



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