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Review: Hulu's 'Dave' has crass humor

Dave on Hulu

Season 3 of "Dave," starring Dave Burd, is now streaming on Hulu.  Photo from Hulu

Jake Leslie

Four and a Half out of Five Stars

By Jake Leslie
Photo Editor

Dave Burd has become quite an icon in pop culture over the last 10 years, but many probably know him better by his crass, chuckle-worthy rap name.

Lil Dicky is a rapper hailing from the not-so-mean streets of Pennsylvania, and, as his name may suggest, he is best known for his comedic music style.

Dicky became known in 2013 when his song “Ex-Boyfriend” went viral. After that he went on to work with the likes of Fetty Wap, Snoop Dogg, Brendan Urie from Panic! at the Disco, Katy Perry and more.

His songs have only increased in production value, and he has legitimately good flow. However, his schtick as a comedy rapper means he isn’t always taken as seriously as he would like.

This is one aspect addressed in his TV show “Dave,” which premiered in 2020. The show itself is very funny. Dave is constantly getting himself into awkward situations and sexual misadventures, all while trying to cement his legacy as a legendary rapper.

The show does have very poignant throughlines, though. Dave is a true narcissist. This may be dramatized for the show, but while he likes to have funny punchlines in his songs, he truly believes he should be revered as one of the greatest rappers of all time.

This puts a great strain on all of his relationships – with his significant others, his lifelong friends and even with his parents. He is also struggling with being a white rapper doing a black artform. He is a Jew from the Pennsylvania suburbs and middle-class wealth, and his rapper peers don’t often respect him because of it.

Dave’s comedic lyrics certainly don’t help, either. He is questioned on his motivations and accused of appropriating black music, a music he loves dearly and respects whole-heartedly.

Season 3 of “Dave” is out now on Hulu. This show is certainly not for those who can’t enjoy crass humor, as the first episode of season 3 starts out with a sex scene/music video. But if that doesn’t capture an audience, I don’t know what will.

I highly recommend it!



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