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Review: 'Walking Dead' comes to end

Walking Dead

Photo from Netflix

Breezy Marcus

Four and A Half out of Five Stars

By Breezy Marcus
Photo Editor

 “The Walking Dead” debuted in 2010. The last episode was released in November of 2022 on Netflix. It was a bittersweet end to such an iconic series.

In the final season, the success of the three standing communities really hangs in the balance of this apocalyptic world. The question is whether Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside all make it together to the end or get torn down just like the rest? 

The characters we have come to love for their growth, strength and even for their mistakes will be put through the final tests” who they can trust, old or new, and battles against the dead and the living. Some get to heal and others are left with fresh wounds.

We also get a new look into what the past looked like for Negan when the fall happened, and the possibility of what his future might hold for him post-war. 

As the three communities try to rebuild from a hard-hit battle in season 10, they reach new lows of starvation and ruin. When opportunity passes through, the gang gets split up in efforts to rebuild and survive.

With everyone stretched out, the group faces more weak spots and struggles to stay in communication. 

An old-world community called the Commonwealth seems to be the savior they have long awaited, as they have the numbers and resources to help rebuild and provide an alliance with the three communities. Meanwhile others stay determined to rediscover success on their own and face an old enemy to escape starvation. 

The biggest question lingers over the heads of viewers. Season 11 keeps you on your toes constantly, but ties off all the loose ends and shows hopeful opportunities for some of the most beloved characters. 

There is a lot of controversy over whether the show should have ended a couple of seasons ago or continued. However, I found myself involved in the characters' story, what will happen next, and wanting more.



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