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Review: 'Blue Eye Samurai' on Netflix

Samurai TV show

"Blue Eye Samurai" is now streaming on Netflix.  Image from Netflix

Abby Cowels

Five out of Five Stars

By Abby Cowels
Staff Writer

“Blue Eye Samurai,” a classic revenge tale told from a new perspective, is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

In Edo era Japan, an outcasted orphan and master swordsman (Mizu) travels across the country to hunt down the three men who killed their mother, one of the men being Mizu’s father.

“Blue Eye Samurai” carries the traditional Ronin samurai storyline: unwanted friends, new enemies and allies, adventure and gory swordfights.

The animation, done by Blue Spirit, is rich with layers of detail and colors. A very impressive visual experience, it’s a refreshing break from the conventional anime style.

There is not a single episode that doesn’t include a beautifully choreographed fight scene. The eight episodes go by quickly when viewers just need to know what will happen next.

“Blue Eye Samurai” has unfortunately not yet been renewed for a second season. It would be a big mistake on Netflix’s part not to renew it, because this is possibly the best anime of the year.



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