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Teaching is in Majumdar's blood

Kali teacher feature

LCC Prof. Krishnakali Majumdar has been instructing students for 36 years. Photo by Jayden Hewitt

Jayden Hewitt

By Jayden Hewitt
Staff Writer

Teaching has always been a dream for Krishnakali Majumdar, who has been instructing students for 36 years. She teaches numerous anthropology courses at LCC, as well as sociology.

“I always wanted to be a teacher; I always knew I wanted to teach,” Majumdar said. “My mom’s side of the family, they are either high school teachers, principals or professors.”

Majumdar was born in Kolkata, India, before moving to Rajasthan, and also to New Delhi.

She did her undergrad work in India, minored in zoology and chemistry, and majored in botany. Soon after, Majumdar earned a master’s in anthropology, as well as doing one year of MPhi, all at the University of Delhi.

She then moved to East Lansing to attend Michigan State University, and graduated with a Ph.D. in 1995.

Before teaching at LCC, Majumdar taught at Kalamazoo College, Western Michigan University and Ferris State University.

Majumdar said she wanted change, and that’s what brought her to LCC.

“I always wanted to teach at a community college,” Majumdar said. “Everybody thought I was an idiot, you know, because I got a pay-cut and other things, but I really enjoy what I do now.”

Former student Cameron Maysonet expressed admiration for Majumdar. He mentioned her transparency and willingness to help.

“(I appreciated) the time she took out of her own time with us to make sure we knew the material, and would stay after class,” Maysonet said. “None of her stuff was tricky to follow along.”

Majumdar mentioned that being open and organic is key, and that the teacher-student interaction at a smaller school helps students grow.

“Here (at LCC), I’m teaching more to what students know, and helping them grow, because they can always read up content,” she said. “So my point is to be where they are and then bring them to where I want them to be.”

In her down time, Majumdar said she loves to garden and travel.

She worked with community gardens, and with the East Lansing Food Co-Op until its closure in 2015. After that, she started her own garden.

“I love gardening, and (during) COVID, I became a plant-crazy woman,” Majumdar said. “I already had like 50, now I have 200!”

Majumdar is also the adviser of the Anthro-Soc Club at LCC. The club meets on the first Friday of every month. Those interested can contact Prof. Majumdar at (517) 483-1031 or majumdak@lcc.edu.



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