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Seminar addresses mental health

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Juanita Kelly-Hill

By Juanita Kelly
Staff Writer 

The “Mental Health is Human Health” presentation on Tuesday, Sept. 27, hosted by Academic and Arts Outreach Coordinator Melissa Kaplan, LCC Counselor Louise Rabidoux and LCC Professor Barb Clauer, was a success.

The meeting started off with Rabidoux offering words of empathy and encouragement. 

This was followed by LCC’s “Please Stay” video, which featured poetry, dance and a virtual choir that spoke uplifting words and provided compassion to those who have faced depression or suicidal thoughts. 

“The arts provide a powerful way to express and experience emotions, and the ‘Please Stay’ program was created as a multidisciplinary arts program to do just – focused on the difficult subject of suicide and depression,” Kaplan said.

“Even though I wrote and was a producer on the program, and have seen it many times, every viewing moves me deeply.” 

The “Please Stay” video can be watched at any time by clicking here.

The presentation was closed with Clauer curating a poem using the words written by the 13 participants who attended. 

Participants seemed amazed by the talent Clauer displayed by putting their words together to make a heartfelt poem.

Overall, the “Mental Health is Human Health” presentation was a good way to recognize mental health and a great way to honor Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.



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