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Student from Beijing enjoying LCC

Student feature photo

Stephanie Zhang, who is from Beijing, is studying nursing at Lansing Community College. Courtesy photo

Mallory Stiles

By Mallory Stiles
Freelance Reporter

Making the decision to go to college is always a little scary, but could you imagine relocating to a foreign country and enrolling?

Stephanie Zhang, 26, can not only imagine that scenario, but is happy to share her lived experience doing just that.  

Zhang came to East Lansing from Beijing, China, in May of 2021. Currently studying nursing, she is ahead of most with a bachelor’s degree in medicine from China, but chose LCC to further her education.

“She is quiet but focused and always on time,” said Isaac Addaii, one of Zhang’s current instructors. “Her commitment to the class and overall drive is very impressive.”

Filling her summer with two accelerated courses, Zhang said she prefers to keep her plate full. The hardest challenges, she said, were her English courses.

Zhang explained how she stays motivated.

“My father was a successful businessman and always encouraged me,” Zhang said. “He pushed me to study a related major so he could help, but out of rebellion at my young age, I choose a major I was more interested in. I have always had a deep love for biology.”

Her love for knowledge is evident, but her admiration for LCC is its nearest rival. 

“One thing I would like to share is the how different American and Chinese educational systems are,” Zhang said. “In Chinese medical schools, all teachers in basic education are scientists, not teachers by trade. They are not focused on educating and do not have the love for it; they just want a promotion. But at LCC, most professors love their jobs and really care what students are learning in their courses.”

At the end of a hard day, Zhang said she prefers to relax into a world of video games and books, reminding us that no matter where we come from, we are not that different.



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