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LCC student seeks career in marketing

LCC student seeks career in marketing

LCC freshman Nolan Hammond said he someday hopes to work at a marketing agency. Courtesy photo

Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Associate Editor

Commercials are everywhere nowadays, from billboards to on the TV. Behind the scenes, creative geniuses are coming up with ideas and forming them into the unforgettable ads we all know and love.

Nolan Hammond is a freshman at LCC who is planning for a bright future in the marketing field.

Currently, Hammond is majoring in transfer studies at LCC. He is planning on transferring to Michigan State University after completing his general requirements at LCC in order to follow this marketing career path.

Hammond said he hopes to someday find a job at a marketing agency.

“I knew I wanted to go into marketing when I took ‘Intro to Marketing’ last fall,” Hammond said. “I thought the psychology behind marketing was really interesting. There’s a certain way to market toward different types of people, and I thought that was amazing.”

Hammond said he also tried out some graphic design classes and enjoyed how creative he was able to be in that class.

“My creativity isn’t something I even really knew I had … I had never tried something like graphic design or art before, but I’ve been really liking it,” Hammond said. “It just confirms to me even more that this could be a good career path for me.”

In his free time, Hammond said he hangs out with his friends and enjoys trying out new things.

Hammond’s friend, Parker Smith, said he met Hammond in a mutual general education class last semester and quickly grew close to him.

“I think we’re both very driven, adventurous people so we got along great from the start,” Smith said. “I know Nolan is going to do great things in marketing. He seems to be enjoying his classes a lot, and when you enjoy your career like that you’re bound to be successful.”



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