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Nursing major seeks to improve lives

Nursing student

Bailey Bunting is majoring in the nursing program at Lansing Community College.  Photo by Mallory Stiles

Mallory Stiles

By Mallory Stiles
Staff Writer

Each student has their own share of stress, but LCC nursing major Bailey Bunting has stories that will shock you.

“I was working, and a patient was in unstable condition,” Bunting said. “Doctors and nurses were called to help; he was then transferred to the ICU. We were able to stabilize him just in time for me to make it to my noon class. It was a crazy day.”

This 21-year-old student from Saginaw has an overall goal of gaining a master’s degree in science and nursing, but chose LCC to get started. He is currently a sophomore with only good things to say about LCC.

“My favorite place on campus is the TLC building,” Bunting said. “It is a great study environment and help is all around if you need it.”

Bunting explained that he has been working at McLaren Hospital for 10 months, but said he has been working in healthcare for quite a few years.

His course load currently consists of 11 credits. His courses include Applications for Living, Microbiology and Healthy Lifestyles. He yawned while listing them.

“The hardest thing about working and going to school is trying to find a balance,” he said.

Bunting explained why he feels the need to work hard.

“Back in high school, I had a friend who passed away from cancer three days before his 16th birthday,” Bunting said. “He was both my reason to go into healthcare and to continue to work so hard.

“I want to help make people’s lives better. When people come into hospitals they are in some of the toughest spots in their lives. No one wants to be there. I try to do everything I can to make it as painless as possible.”

Bunting said his favorite song is “Bad Habits” by Steve Lacy. He claims a deep love for the “Star Wars” series.

“In my spare time, I sleep,” he said. “(I) hang out with friends when I can. I enjoy spending time with nature, I enjoy traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people.”

Bunting’s professor for his Applications for Living class, Colleen Thomas, said Bunting is a great student.

“Bailey is an incredibly engaged student who asks excellent questions for both himself and the benefit of the class,” Thomas said.



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