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Amelia Hurst delves into medical field

Hurst delves into medical field

Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Associate Editor

Amelia Hurst is a 19-year-old freshman who said she always knew she wanted to go into the medical field, but wasn’t sure exactly into what area.

Through LCC’s help and guidance, she was able to discover that Diagnostic Medical Sonography was the right choice for her. She is currently working her way through the preliminary courses before entering the program.

“LCC has helped me organize my class load, (consider) career options, and (is) always are there to help with anything I need situationally,” Hurst said. “I would highly recommend getting with a medical academic adviser; they are so helpful. Pre-DMS is very tedious and so detailed, so it’s helpful to get someone to organize the steps and break it down for you.”

In her free time, Hurst enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and enjoys participating in agricultural activities and contests. She also said she loves traveling as much as she can.

Amelia’s father, Tim Hurst, said he is proud of Amelia’s good heart and accomplishments.

“Amelia is a very hard working, caring, intelligent, happy and honest person,” Tim said. “She has been very successful in 4-H and FFA with her livestock and demonstration projects, along with being successful in high school softball and volleyball.”

After Hurst graduates from LCC in a few years, she said she plans to search for a career in the sonography field. She specifically wants a career in the OB-GYN field as an ultrasound technician.



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