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Humanities major lives quirky, fun life

Chamness photo

Ali Chamness is an interdisciplinary humanities major at LCC.  Photo by Mallory Stiles

Mallory Stiles

By Mallory Stiles
Staff Writer

Crows can be a symbol for many things, depending on what folklore, tale or story is being examined. They are known to represent death, decomposition, tragedy, transitions or trickery.

There is a lot of unconscious bias against crows because, in horror movies, their calls are often used to usher in an uneasy scene or alert the audience of a corpse. However, LCC student Ali Chamness said crows are welcomed friends.

“Most people seem to be afraid of crows, but I am currently trying to cultivate a crow area in my backyard so they can have a safe place and bring me little trinkets,” Chamness said with a grin. “I can do a crow call; it’s really loud.”

Chamness, 21, works part-time at Sally Beauty and is an interdisciplinary humanities major at LCC.

“It’s basically the study of the arts and the history of them,” she said. “You can mold the degree and use it however you want to use it, but it’s considered a liberal arts degree.”

Currently taking 12 credits, Chamness said she really enjoys her Mythology course. She is also taking Intro to World Religions and Intro to Physiology.

She said she is hoping to transfer to a university soon; possibly Michigan State University or a university in Canada, for a taste of something different.

Chamness was born in Georgia but has also lived in Germany, Virginia and Hawaii. She carries a little piece of each place with her.

“When I lived in Hawaii, 7-Eleven would sell Musubi,” Chamness said. “It’s like sushi, kind of, but it’s rice and a slice of spam fried in teriyaki wrapped in seaweed. So that’s just my go-to snack now.

“I came to Lansing at 18. It’s charming but I’ve got to say I miss the mountains. In Virginia, we were nestled in the bosom of the valley. Here, you stand on a ladder and can see the whole state.”

Chamness said she is a gamer and loves to draw. She has several tattoos and piercings. She can be seen often speed walking in something black.

“My sense of style is grungy; I am very into goth sub-culture,” she said. “When I don’t have class, I usually dress more fun.”

Most things in her life seem fun, but nothing makes her more excited than to head home to who is waiting for her.

“I have a little black cat named Goblin,” Chamness said. “He’s a pretty good boy. He likes to snuggle when he first sees me after a long day. Otherwise he’s pretty aloof. He likes to scream if he is hungry. He is very food-motivated.”

Going against the grain of the stereotype, Chamness smiles often, and LCC just might have something to do with it.

“My favorite part of LCC is how diverse it is, age-wise and culture-wise,” she said. “I have had classes with older people and I love it because I think you are never too old to learn. We should always be learning and just expanding on what we know.”

She attributes her success to her mother, Bree Burnett.

“She is very supportive and outgoing,” Chamness said of her mother. “She is quirky and fun, she texts me every single night to say good night and that she loves me. … The message always has a million hearts in different colors and shapes.”

Burnett shared equally kind words about her daughter.

“She’s easy to love,” Burnett said. “She is extremely entertaining. She always finds a way to make people laugh in any situation. Her style is all her own and she pulls it off flawlessly. I’m really proud that she is choosing the thing she is passionate about, not what’s easy.”



finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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