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Old student emails being eliminated

Old student emails being eliminated

Jacob Zokvic

By Jacob Zokvic
Staff Writer

LCC is currently in the process of deleting unused student email accounts. Logging into the account prevents it from being lost.

Paul Schwartz, director of Information Security at LCC, said an estimated 150,000 accounts will be deleted.

“The main reason for deleting the accounts is because they are unused, causing a security risk and a management nightmare,” Schwartz said.

According to the official announcement from LCC, inactive student email accounts are being culled starting Feb 21. Also included are any LCC student email accounts issued to employees used to access Google Drive, Google Docs or any other Google App for Education.

In order to keep a student account active, log in at my.lcc.edu, click “Student Email” at the top, then allow the page to completely load.

Employees with an email account can click on the work tab on my.lcc.edu and click on student email link on the right side of the page in the employee toolbox column.

If the student email account is set to forward messages to another email address, this does not count as a log in.

The deadline to log in to save a student email account is Feb. 21.

Once an account is deleted it cannot be recovered. A new student email can be requested, but any old data will not be recoverable.



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