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Students show skills in StarScapes

Students show skills in StarScapes

Julie Newell

By Julie Newell
Editor in Chief

LCC hosted its annual spring StarScapes event on April 25 to 29. The event was held virtually and allowed for students to upload their work for anyone to enjoy.

“StarScapes is a showcase of student work at LCC,” LCC Professor of History Jeffrey Janowick said. “Students do all kinds of innovative, interesting and creative work in their classes, or on their own. LCC gives students a chance to highlight that work through StarScapes.”

Deanna Foster is a history major at LCC whose goal is to specialize in African American and Native American histories. Foster submitted two written works for StarScapes.

“I did two things; one was for my Studies in American History class, which was part of our research project,” Foster said. “The other is for my third-place LAND competition essay called, ‘Why is Teaching Critical Race Theory in Schools Important to Healing the Division in the United States?’”

Foster said she submitted her two papers because she wants to expose her writing as much as possible.

“(I want to) get my name out there and also because, with the work I want to do for my career,” Foster said, “I want to be recognized even before I begin my career in hopes to get it started early.”

Christina Wood is an early childhood development and education major at LCC who also submitted an essay from one of her classes for StarScapes.

“I submitted an ‘I Believe’ essay,” Wood said. “We had to write about a belief we had about early childhood education. I wrote about how I believe that to be an early childhood educator means that you are continuously learning and keeping up with our ever-changing world.”

Wood said her mother, who was an educator, was her inspiration for the essay.

“She was always attending conferences and furthering her education,” Wood said. “Her last day as a teacher was a testament to that, when many former students and parents paraded through her room to show their respect and love for her as a teacher.”

Other topics presented at StarScapes this year included poetry, mummies, the effects of COVID-19 and more. To view the student submissions, visit the StarScapes website.



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