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StarScapes showcases students' talents


Jake Leslie

By Jake Leslie
Photo Editor

The Gannon Building’s main hallway came to life April 26 and 27 as the LCC StarScapes presentations lined its walls.

StarScapes is a presentation fair in which LCC students showcase the work they have completed during the semester. This work is not limited to coursework; students are encouraged to present their extracurricular achievements as well.

At one display table, Julia Stouffer was giving the rundown on all that is required to take part in VEX Robotics competitions. VEX Robotics is a competition in which teams are given a game, and they design robots to play that game against another team’s robots. These robots must fall within certain criteria and constraints as well.

While Stouffer explained, she also had many fun demonstrations that visitors could interact with. They could try out the competition robot, and the club’s helpful friend “SnackBot” was there to offer guests a brownie.

StarscapesA display explains gear ratios at the VEX Robotics table during StarScapes 2023.  Photo by Jake Leslie


Justin Macauley, a cybersecurity major at LCC, didn’t have a poster about coding or encrypting. Instead, he had his laptop open, displaying SoundCloud. Macauley was sharing the music he has been working on in his free time.

Inspired by videogame soundtracks, Macauley described his music as “ethereal.” Its ties to the music of Metroid Prime came through wonderfully well. His work spanned many different moods, with his piece “Basilisk” sounding dark and eerie, while “Saturn” felt calm and restful.

The StarScapes presentations foster an open environment for all students to display a variety of achievements. It occurs at the end of each spring and fall semester at LCC.




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