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Student work shines in StarScapes

Student work shines in StarScapes

Julie Newell

By Julie Newell
Editor in Chief

LCC will be hosting its annual spring StarScapes event from April 25 to 29. The event started in 2014 and was inspired by faculty members who wanted to share the incredible work created by their students.

“StarScapes is a showcase of student work at LCC,” LCC Professor of History Jeffrey Janowick said. “Students do all kinds of innovative, interesting and creative work in their classes, or on their own. LCC gives students a chance to highlight that work through StarScapes.

Janowick said the work shared in StarScapes is diverse.

“Students have shared projects and presentations, experiments, demonstrations and artwork,” he said. “We’ve had student films and musical performances.

“Sometimes students share artwork or projects that grew out of student clubs. Students engage in a whole range of activities in their classes – this is a chance to share some of that with the rest of the LCC community.”

The StarScapes event will take place online. All the student works will be shared on the StarScapes website.

“We plan on being back in person in the fall, but the online portion of the event will continue,” Janowick said.

According to Janowick, the event will officially run from April 25 to 29, but the submissions will remain on the site after the event for continued viewing, and for students to link their work on their resumes and job applications.

“LCC students do lots of interesting and exciting work,” Janowick said. “This is a chance to share that with someone besides your professor or a few people from the same class. It’s a way to participate in a scholarly conversation, highlight the hard work you’ve done, and inspire others.

“When you’ve worked on something, it can be rewarding to share it and show it off.”

Guidelines for submissions can be found on the Starscapes website. Submissions can made on there as well.

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