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Resource fair provides valuable info

Resource fair girls

From left, Alayah Holt, Kierra Brown, Aliyah Adams and Kash Rhymes show off the "swag bags" they received during the LCC Resource Fair in the Gannon Building on July 18.  Photo by Mallory Stiles

Mallory Stiles

By Mallory Stiles
Editor in Chief

As hard as it is to go to college, some will argue that the first steps are the hardest.

LCC officials understand that getting enrolled is sometimes the biggest hurdle for new students, and therefore decided to do something about it.

On Tuesday, July 18, LCC hosted its annual Fall Open House from noon to 3 p.m. and 4 to 7 p.m. in the Gannon Building highway. 

Ronda Miller, LCC dean of Student Affairs, was in charge of the event. She referred to it as a resource fair with a focus on enrollment assistance.

Coach MLCC Success Coach Mary Ann Anderson (left) and Dean of Student Affairs Ronda Miller were among those providing information to students during the July 18 resource fair.  Photo by Mallory Stiles


“We started it last year and it was really successful,” Miller said. “This is an opportunity for prospective students, or even current students, to find out about the resources that the college offers to support them while they are students here.

“It’s just a way to normalize our resources to our students.”

The set-up consisted of multiple booths strategically placed to represent each service. It was a free event where everyone was welcome.

Upon entering, a bingo sheet was handed out listing all the different booths. All students who checked every box were entered into a drawing to win a brand-new iPad; the winner had not been determined as of July 19.

The various booths were labeled as follows: Admissions, Veteran & Military Services, Global Student Services, Advising, Academic Success Coaches, Career & Employment Services, Student Finance, MI Reconnect, Student Access, Student Life, Counseling, Child Care Scholarships, Financial Aid and, finally, the Transfer Center booth.

The main floor of the Gannon Building quickly became hot with body heat as prospective students, current students and parents alike took their places in line.

Every booth was busy, but the Global Student Services, also known as the Fostering Stars booth, was mentioned specifically by a group of four young women.

Aliyah Adams, Kash Rhymes, Kierra Brown and Alayah Holt all said that Success Coach Mary Ann Anderson was their favorite person of the day.

“She fed me,” Rhymes said, with a granola bar in hand. “I love Coach M.”

“I came to get everything together and just left the Fostering Stars booth,” Adams said. “Coach M was great. I feel like it is very important to have an older woman of color to have someone to go to or talk to about different situations.”

Bergum pairHailey Bergum and her father Jim were among those checking out the various resource booths during the LCC Resource Fair on July 18.  Photo by Mallory Stiles


Hailey Bergum and her father, Jim, were seen waiting together with big smiles.

“I am thinking of enrolling,” Bergum said. “I am here to get started. Right now, I am in line to see an adviser. I think this fair is really helpful. There are a lot of different stations and I am excited to be here.”

Erica Feldpaush and Marshall O’Malley were also seen in line, laughing together to pass the time.

“It’s pretty cool,” O’Malley said. “Most people at the booths are very nice. I got a lot of information today and all the questions I had were answered.”

Fel-OmalleyErica Feldpausch and Marshall O'Malley are shown during resource fair.  Photo by Mallory Stiles.




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