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Power outage closes four LCC buildings

main campus

The main LCC campus in downtown Lansing was quiet for much of Sept. 27 and 28 due to a power outage. Officials are not yet saying what caused the outage.  LCC file photo

Mallory Stiles

By Mallory Stiles
Editor in Chief

A power outage at the downtown LCC campus proved to be an ongoing problem, with no classes, work or student services taking place in several buildings Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 27 and all day on Sept. Thursday, Sept. 28.

The affected sites were the Gannon, A&S Building, HHS Building and Administration buildings. LCC Director of Public Relations Marilyn Twine was busy both days diligently informing both students and staff of the unfolding situation.

She issued a press release, but could only disperse the information she was given, which was limited.

“Normal operations will resume tomorrow,” Twine said Sept. 28, “but, for the remainder of today, folks that were scheduled to be in the Gannon Building, Arts & Sciences, HHS and the Administration building will continue to work remotely.”

The LCC Police and Public Safety Office was also working hard to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Day Dispatcher Sergio Gomez said extra surveillance was necessary, but all bases are covered.

“We have just been patrolling the buildings more,” Gomez said. “The power outages cause a lot of maintenance problems that could result in equipment over-heating, so we are keeping our eyes on that.”

He continued that there wasn’t much of a hazard to students or staff still on campus, because certain precautions were put in place to keep them safe in situations like these.

“We have a generator that powers a lot of the security components of LCC,” he said, “so, we are still able to track a lot of things going on.”

As for the reason for the power outage, no commentary was offered by any source spoken to, including the facilities department.



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