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LCC Police help students in many ways

LCC police

LCC Police Chief Daryl Gaines chats with a couple of LCC students.  Photo by Kevin W. Fowler

Abby Cowels

By Abbigail Cowels
Staff Writer

Officer Tim Davis has given 18 years of his career to the LCC Campus Police. Davis LCC officers are here, “to help people make people feel safe; students, staff and faculty.”

These safety measures include being proactive and deterring crime before it happens. This can look like patrolling the campus on foot, by bicycle and vehicle. 

Officers also serve as safety escorts to and from classes. They are CPR/first aid trained for emergencies.

“(We are) just volunteering our assistance for the people who need it; car battery jumps and lockouts, unlocking classroom and lab doors for instructors who forgot their keys, whatever it might be,” Davis said.

Students can keep themselves safe by engaging in personal safety precautions, Davis said.

“Lock your car when you leave and pay attention to your surroundings,” he advised. “Try to familiarize yourself with the campus, walk around and get to know the area.”

These mindful practices can help keep the campus free from crime and keep everyone safe. Anyone who sees something suspicious should report it to the LCC Police. If it is in a classroom setting, report it to the professor first.

Suspicious behavior can be overlooked by bystanders, though most concerning would be someone, without a student card, trying to enter a building forcefully.

“(Take notice) when you see a person looking around, seeing if they can kind of get in somewhere,” Davis said.

The campus police have a solid rapport across campus, creating a trusting environment. Davis said he is most proud of the interactions the officers have with the student staff and faculty.

“I'm proud that for the majority of people here, they know that we're here and we're here to help,” he said.

To report a campus crime, call (517) 483-1800, or dial 1800 from any downtown campus phone (1500 for west). Pressing 911 on any campus phone calls the LCC Police directly.

The police department door in the Gannon Building, room 2110, is open 24/7 while classes are running.



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