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Gomez named dispatcher of the year


LCC Police Dispatcher Sergio Gomez was named the LCC Police Department's Dispatcher of the Year for 2024.  Courtesy photo

abby cowels

By Abby Cowels
Staff Writer

LCC Police Dispatcher Sergio Gomez was named Dispatcher of the Year at the 2024 Police Department Awards Dinner.

He earned the honor for his excellent communication skills with the public in its greatest times of need, according to LCC Chief of Police Daryl Gaines.

“I’ve been here close to three years now and Sergio is by far one of the best dispatchers we’ve had,” Gaines said. “He left us for a period of time and when he did, we lost all of the knowledge and experience that left with him.

“It’s always hard to replace good, high-character people, so you can imagine how happy I was when I had been told he was coming back.”

Gomez is the voice on the other end of the phone when people can be most fearful. He expressed how important it is to have good customer-service skills, especially when being the first person called when there is trouble.

“At that moment is when I realized that this job is much more than just getting as much information as you can for the officer,” Gomez said, “but to verbally help someone get through a difficult time and providing that help until the officer arrives on scene.”

Gomez reflected back on earlier years in his profession, and on a role model who made a lasting impact on his career.

“He really caught my attention when he gave examples of how he had to use his customer-service skill in the field, and how that skill leaves a positive impact on everyone that you are dealing with during that moment,” Gomez said. “It was during that class that I knew that I am in the right profession.”

Gomez said he is happy to be at LCC, keeping people safe and helping them stay calm in their most desperate times.

“(I enjoy) being able to serve the LCC community, being part of a team that takes pride in ensuring the safety and security of all students, staff and guests,” Gomez said. “I want to continue to serve the LCC community and be part of the changes that we make to keep campus safe.”



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