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LCC Officer Alexis Jones gets accolades

Officer Jones

Officer Alexis Jones was recently honored by the LCC Police Department.  Photo courtesy of Kevin Fowler

abby cowels

By Abby Cowels
Staff Writer

At the most third annual Awards Dinner held by the LCC Police Department, Officer Alexis Jones earned the Lifesaving Award for her dedication to public safety, and to her dedication to the department as a whole.

“Officer Jones has been with us for some time now,” LCC Chief of Police Daryl Gaines said.

“And every day she comes to work with a great attitude, takes on any task assigned to her with a smile, and it’s very easy to see that she loves what she does.”

Gaines expressed his gratitude for Jones’ dedication to public safety and her optimism in every aspect of her profession.

“She is exactly the type of officer and person that is on the wish list of every police chief that is building, or rebuilding, a team.”

Jones said she is glad to can be of service to the LCC community.“Being an LCC LEO (law enforcement officer) is helping students in their time of need,” Jones said. “I always look forward to moments, and knowing there is something I can do to help. I look forward to giving people a positive outlook on policing and what that looks like.”

For Officer Jones, it is little acts that make a huge difference. She said she is glad just being present and giving the community the reassurance in their time of need, and is glad to support them through difficult situations.

Additionally, Jones spoke about her optimism looking to her future as a police officer.

“I'm still learning what my future law enforcement self looks like,” she said. “It may be that one day I am working my way up the ranks, however that may look. The best part I still have a long journey ahead to figure out what that looks like to me.”



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