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'One Book, One LCC' gets underway

Book for 2023-24

Mallory Stiles

By Mallory Stiles
Editor in Chief

There are certain things in life that can just bring people together. Sometimes, a good meal, a nice view or even a good book can make a community out of strangers. 

LCC understands the power of a good book very well and demonstrated that knowledge by recently revamping a community-read program called “Beyond the Book.”

Reference and Instruction Librarian Caitlyn Stypa has been a part of the LCC staff for over two years and is very hopeful about the program’s recovery after the pandemic.

“This year, the program is going through sort of a rebirth,” Stypa said. “The program began in 2014, well before my time. Back then, when it was first founded, it was called ‘One Book, One LCC.’”

The program has always been meant to incentivize students to have a good read and a few good conversations. However, like everything else, it was put on the backburner during the periods of isolation.

This year, the college has a new title to introduce, a new event schedule in the works and a new conversation to have.

“This year, if you haven’t seen yet, the title is ‘Interior Chinatown,’” Stypa said. “It’s a work of realistic, contemporary fiction. It surrounds the life of a man named Willis Wu, … an Asian man who is trying to become a successful actor, but he is feeling very stuck in his life and in his career.

“He feels like he can’t get past playing background roles.”

Stypa said the book is written as a screenplay and she hopes the new, intriguing format will further invite students in and keep them turning pages.

She said she also hopes to broaden horizons content-wise because she said the true purpose of the program is to provide a diversity of voice, thought and lived experiences.

This is the first book on the list that has an Asian protagonist and author, which is another reason Stypa said she can’t wait to start handing out books. The books will be free of charge and available on the second floor of the library at the start of the coming fall semester.

Pro-tip: This book may be used in a lot of curriculums this coming semester, so grab a copy while they last.

There are rumors that “Interior Chinatown” will also be a Hulu series released sometime in 2024, so, for those who prefer to read before watching … the clock is ticking.

“As far as content,” Stypa said, “I think there are elements of it that readers will find funny and very pop-culture, but it also has some pretty heavy scenes in there talking about racism, stereotypes, immigration, assimilation and what makes a person American.

“I am hoping that everyone will find something to love in this book.”

“Beyond the Book” will list happenings on LCC’s event page. 



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