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Noah Crites is LCC's 'Officer of Year'

Noah Crites

Noah Crites was named the LCC Police "Officer of the Year" on Jan. 20. Courtesy photo

Juanita Kelly-Hill

By Juanita Kelly-Hill
Staff Writer

The LCC Police Department held its annual awards night Jan. 20 to honor the great work of the department’s employees.

One of the awards given out that night was “Police Officer of the Year,” which was earned by Officer Noah Crites.

Crites said he was surprised when he heard his name called for the award.

“I had no idea I was going to get the award for ‘Police Officer of the Year,’” Crites began. “I felt good about receiving the award. It’s nice to be recognized in a good way.”

For Crites, the award means more than just the name.

“It means that I am being recognized for the positive work that I contribute to the campus and to our community,” Crites said. “It also shows that there is always someone paying attention and acknowledging the work ethic and dedication that one shows.”

Crites is a field training officer who trains new officers, as well as carrying out service calls and offering security and safety on campus.

He mentioned the qualities he possesses that may have qualified him for his award.

“I’m a dependable person,” Crites said. “I am very attentive to detail, knowledgeable in law, college policies, departmental regulations, friendly, and have a great deal of work experience in the force.”

LCC Chief of Police Daryl Gaines shared insight on why he believes Crites deserved the award for “Police Officer of the Year.”

“Officer Crites was recognized for this award because of his contributions as an officer throughout the year,” Gaines said. “He took on multiple tasks aside from his regular patrol duties and played an integral role in the transitioning of our communications systems, as well as training numerous trainees that were going through our field training program.

“He took on these tasks while still conducting his regular patrol responsibilities at a high level of efficiency.”

According to Chief Gaines, there are specific requirements for receiving the award, but the team does take into consideration a number of things. These include professionalism, community engagement, efficiency, adaptability, willingness, teamwork, leadership skills and the ability to take initiative. 

LCC students and faculty should certainly appreciate the hard work and dedication by Officer Noah Crites for keeping the college community safe.



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