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New Gannon parking ramp opens soon

New Gannon parking ramp

The new Gannon parking ramp at LCC is nearing completion. Photo by Chloe Gregg

Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Associate Editor

LCC has announced the opening of the brand-new Gannon Building parking ramp. The new ramp will be ready in time for fall semester of 2022.

Along with the opening, LCC community members can expect to receive a new standardized parking permit, which they can use to park anywhere in LCC lots. Employees, faculty and students will all be able to use the new ramp with their parking permit.

“Historically, a lack of parking has been one of our greatest challenges,” said LCC President Steve Robinson. “Because our future will always involve people coming to campus, we are delighted that our students, employees and community members will have safe, easily accessible parking.”

This new parking ramp has over 1,700 parking spots available. It will also offer 18 charging stations for electric vehicles, although officials said this may take a bit longer to be finalized.

The Lookout adviser, Larry Hook, said he is happy the new ramp will be opening soon.

“I am really happy that employees will be able to park in the new LCC ramp,” Hook said. “Many of our employees are older, and the new ramp will provide many with a closer place to park. This is especially important when the weather is rainy or snowy.

“For me personally, I’m glad to be able to park in the ramp because I have to carry printed newspapers to my car so I can deliver them to various locations around town. Having the ramp close to our office will make that chore much easier for me, and help to keep the papers dry during inclement weather.”

Upon the opening of the new Gannon ramp, Schoolcraft Drive will open again, but in reverse direction with the intersections at North Capitol Avenue and North Grand Avenue closed permanently. It will only be accessible from East Saginaw Street.

LCC also announced that the last day for free street-side parking is Friday, Aug. 12.

Leah Gruber, an LCC sophomore, said she is excited to park close to her classes.

“I have never used LCC’s ramp because it’s been closed ever since I started going to school here,” Gruber said. “But I am very excited to finally be able to park close to my classes and not have to walk so far or struggle to find parking.”

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