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Review: 'Don't Worry Darling' confuses

Don;t Worry Darling

'Don't Worry Darling' is now showing in theaters across the country. Photo from Wio News

Jayden Hewitt

Three out of Five Stars

By Jayden Hewitt
Staff Writer

I am reviewing the recently released “Don’t Worry Darling.” It is available to see in movie theaters across the country.

The mind-bending film is two hours and three minutes long, and is rated R. It includes lots of actors many may recognize. Stars include singer-songwriter Harry Styles (as Jack) and Florence Pugh (as Alice), who play husband and wife.

The movie starts out in the 1950s in a neighborhood in the desert, where everyone, every house and every day is eerily similar.

The plot, as it seems at the beginning, is about a bunch of men, living the same life and working for the same company. This company is kept secret from everyone but the men.

As the movie progresses, we find out that women venture away from the neighborhood. These women are thought to be crazy when they repeat what they have seen during their trip.

Everything is sent for a loop when Alice wanders off after seeing something in the distance.

Alice starts to experience hallucinations, or what she thinks are. Everyone else, including her husband Jack, either ignore it or thinks she has gone mad.

The owner of the company is thought be in on it as Alice starts to figure things out.

Viewers are then sent forward to the present day at times to see the two main characters, Alice and Jack, living entirely different lives. Throughout the entire time, new things are uncovered, and new twists are thrown in.

“Don’t Worry Darling,” is a movie I may only watch once, because the feeling of the unknown through twists and turns is what captivated me while watching. That feeling would be gone in a re-watch.

The ending left a lot to be desired, and with no known plans of a second movie, it made me question what the director (Olivia Wilde) was doing.

I rated this movie 3 out of 5 stars because of its brutal ending. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but prior to the ending, viewers find out opinion-altering information that leaves more to be desired. At times the movie was slow, and had many moments that didn’t entirely contribute to the plot.

Overall, the film was stimulating, at times comedic, and extremely odd. Movie viewers will never be able to guess what the entire film was about. It was a solid movie, well filmed, but viewers are left with a cliffhanger that hurts re-watchability.



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