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Movie review: 'Infinity Pool' unnerving

Infinity Pool

"Infinity Pool" is currently streaming on Hulu.  Image from Google Images

Alexandra McCluskey

Four out of Five Stars

By Alexandra McCluskey
Staff Writer

Directed by Brandon Cronenberg, “Infinity Pool” is a trip to remember. I expected nothing less from this famous family and its long line of science fiction horror films.

The movie, currently streaming on Hulu, starts off with listless writer James Foster (Alexander Skarsgård) and his wife Em (Mia Goth) vacationing at an upscale resort.

During their stay, James and Em acquaint themselves with a mysterious woman, one who seemingly thrives off from chaos. The plot thickens with a horrible accident, looming danger and confounding events up to par with an epic sci-fi horror film.

I have to warn you though, “Infinity Pool” is not for all. This story is one of a unique, sensual, fear-driven sort, containing multiple disturbing themes.

Twisting and odd undertones set an unsettling mood throughout the movie, though it can be difficult to place your finger on just why that is. And though these elements can make the content hard to swallow, the consequential rewards are more than worth the watch.

The film stirs up abstract thoughts such as psychological exploitation, twisted seduction, hedonism and body horror. It locks you in with its conceptual concepts, taking control of your curiosity and fascination.

“Infinity Pool” was rated an impressive 86 percent by Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a fantastic film to chew on, a twisting occupier for the hidden and macabre.



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