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Review: 'AKA' - good acting, weak plot


The action movie "AKA" is now streaming on Netflix. Photo from Netflix

Jonah Unger

Three out of Five Stars

By Jonah Unger
Staff Writer

“AKA” is a French action thriller movie that was released on Netflix April 23, 2023. The movie stars Alban Lenoir, a French actor who has played in several action movies.

Some refer to Lenoir as a French Jason Statham, and after watching this movie I can see the similarities.

The movie is about a special ops agent (Lenoir) in charge of infiltrating a crime syndicate whose personal emotions get in the way. The movie has plenty of action, and it was produced very well.

The movie has overall good acting, although I do not feel anyone will win any awards for this film. The plot of the movie is very cliché, and similar to most action movies.

The thing that kept me interested in watching the film was the good acting, and the cinematography was really good throughout the film. Filmmakers did a good job portraying the mood of the film with the different scenes.

A lot of people don’t enjoy foreign films because they have to read subtitles or deal with voice overs. I am one of those people. With that being said, I think the voice overs were done very well and didn’t take me out of the movie. The movie ultimately had a “John Wick” feeling mixed with “Taken,” while still keeping in touch with its originality.

The acting and cinematography saved this movie from a weak plot. Overall, I think the movie is a good movie. Anyone who is a fan of “John Wick” style films, but at a slower pace, would enjoy this movie.



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