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Review: 'Murder Mystery 2' enjoyable

Murder Mystery 2

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston star in "Murder Mystery 2," now streaming on Netflix.  Photo from

Jonah Unger

Three out of Five Stars

By Jonah Unger
Staff Writer

“Murder Mystery 2” was released March 31 on Netflix. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. This movie is 90 minutes long, and is a sequel to the first “Murder Mystery” the two actors made together in 2019. 

This is the third movie Sandler and Aniston have teamed up in, and lots of people would say they are a good fit for this movie. 

The film is about a couple, Nick (Sandler) and Audrey (Aniston) Spitz, who run a struggling freelance detective agency. An old friend of theirs invites them to a wedding. That is where the action begins.

This is a fun movie. There are a lot of typical movie clichés, but it also pokes fun at these tropes.

This isn't a movie that makes the audience think a lot. Although great movies tend to have that feature, I think it's important to appreciate the films that let the audience sit back and zone out while watching. 

If I was rating it on how much I enjoyed it, I would give it 5 stars. That being said, simply enjoying a movie doesn't make it a great movie. 

There are a lot of plot holes and some of the scenes feel dry and empty. Because of that I cannot give it a rating higher than 3 stars.



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