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Review: 'I See You' is scary movie fun

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"I See You" is currently available to watch on Netflix, as well as other streaming services.  Photo from Netflix

Chloe Gregg

Five out of Five Stars

By Chloe Gregg
Editor in Chief

“I See You” is a movie that came out in 2019 about a small, broken family going through a difficult time, while simultaneously being watched and preyed on by an unknown entity.

The movie is currently available on Netflix, and for a fee on other subscription services such as YouTube and Prime Video.

The movie stars Helen Hunt as the wife, Jackie, who recently got caught cheating on her husband and is still trying to make amends. Jon Tenney plays the husband, Greg, who is a small-town detective still icy to his wife as he is trying to find a serial killer of young boys.

Greg and Jackie have a son together, Connor, (played by Judah Lewis), who is fully on his dad’s side and loves to play video games.

The first part of the movie is seen from the family’s point of view and shows a bunch of really weird occurrences in the house, like pictures going missing and doors getting locked behind them. Little does the family know, all of these little occurrences are not just coincidental; they are being done by “phroggers” sitting in their house.

Phroggers are people who “jump” from house to house (or pad to pad) while staying hidden from the people who actually live there. They usually only stay a day or two and only take what food they need. They never come out. At least normally.

But as you will find out in the film, these are not just your regular phroggers.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good mystery thriller!



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