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Review: 'We Have a Ghost' a lot of fun

We Have a Ghost

"We Have a Ghost" is currently streaming on Netflix.  Image from Netflix website

Jonah Unger

Four out of Five Stars

By Jonah Unger
Staff Writer

“We Have a Ghost” is a family film created by Netflix. It was released Feb. 24, 2023.

This movie is rated PG-13 and stars fan favorite David Harbour, who also plays Jim Hopper in the popular show “Stranger Things.” The movie is two hours and seven minutes long. 

The movie is about a family of four moving into an old house. Like any family moving into a new house in a movie, the kids are upset with having to move into a new house.

Although the family is struggling to find a fresh start, they are introduced to an uninvited guest in their home. However, unlike the normal paranormal cliché, things take an interesting turn when the family finds out about the ghost, and it blows up on social media. 

Unfortunately, the movie still follows tons of clichés, almost taking away from the interesting twist the movie has on modern ghost movies. The movie is not meant to be scary, but it is not all the way clear on what it is trying to be. 

With that said, it is obvious to the audience that this is supposed to be a feel-good family movie. Not only that, the movie has a lot of funny moments that were able to make me chuckle, including poking fun at some of the clichés that take place.

There are a lot of likable characters in this movie, including the ghost (played by Harbour). The movie ha similar aspects to the movie “Beetlejuice,” adding a comedic idea to what would normally be considered a horror movie. 

Because of the great writing of this movie and fun acting, this movie is an above average movie. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rating of 41 percent, which I think is too low. This movie is good for what it is, and it’s a feel-good family movie.

This movie is perfect for anyone looking to watch a nice movie with a good message. For that reason I am giving this a rating of 4 stars out of 5; a likable experience. 



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