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Review: 'Boston Stranger' a must watch

Boston Strangler

"Boston Strangler," a true crime story, is now streaming on Hulu.  Image from Hulu

Kaitlyn Delaney

Five out of Five Stars

By Kaitlyn Delaney
Photo Editor

“Boston Strangler” is a Hulu Original movie, and can be found only on Hulu. True crime fans, this is a must watch.

As murders start popping up around the city, reporter Loretta McLauchlin is the first to break the story that connects the murders to one another. Together with fellow reporter Jean Cole, the pair not only cover the murders for the Boston Record American, but also try to solve the murders along the way.

The movie stars Kiera Knightly as Loretta McLaughlin, and Carrie Coon as Jean Cole.

Based on a true story, “Boston Strangler” is a dramatized retelling of the genuine fear that the city of Boston went through, the confusion of local police and detectives, and how these two women were there every step of the way, keeping the public as up to date as possible.

I LOVED this movie. It was gripping. It was exciting, and in some moments, it had me a little nervous. I was constantly thrilled when something new came through the line, as if I was there investigating with them.

I went into this movie knowing very little about the Boston Strangler. Out of all of the true crime I have consumed, this was not a part of it. But by the end, I had absorbed every new fact that the movie threw my way, and was ready to fall down the endless internet rabbit hole of research.

The movie was actually filmed in Boston and the surrounding area, which made the movie even more interesting, as it seemed to truly be taking place right in front of me. Everything seemed as close to period accurate as it could get, though I was not around in the ‘60s, so any inaccuracies slipped past me.

“Boston Strangler” fascinated me in a way that no recent movie has been able to do. It truly felt like I could continue to watch these two characters work together forever, and not get tired of the incredible situations in which they found themselves.



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