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Movie review: 'Smile' full of creepy fun


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Chloe Gregg

Four and a Half out of Five Stars

By Chloe Gregg
Associate Editor

Last weekend, I went with my two good friends to see the new horror movie, “Smile.” We are all pretty big horror fanatics, and Smile had one of the most … out there … promotions.

In order to raise hype and awareness about the movie, “Smile” creators hired regular people to go to different football games, baseball games, etc., and smile creepily the whole time at the camera. It got a lot of people’s attention, including ours.

“Smile” was released in September of this year and is still in theaters, which is a very good sign of how well it is doing. When we went, the theater was pretty full, too.

The movie stars Sosie Bacon as psychiatrist Dr. Rose Cotter, who witnesses someone killing themselves while smiling.

Similarly to the horror anthology, “The Ring,” this movie’s demon is passed on from person to person until that person dies, and so on.

Once followed by the demon, the person begins experiencing intense hallucinations that resemble mental illness. Most people die within a week by suicide.

Rose works with her ex-boyfriend Joel, played by Kyle Gallner, to try to find a way to stop the demon from taking her life.

This movie is filled with jump-scares and gory scenes, and is definitely not for the faint of heart. I can finally say that I approve of this horror movie and, although I did not have to sleep with the light on, one of my friends reported that she did.



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