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Mind of Michael: Journalistic dreams

Michael Leek

Michael Leek

By Michael Leek
Sports Editor

I am Michael Leek, a journalism major in my second year at Lansing Community College. Ever since my junior year of high school, I have been fascinated with journalistic writing.

My forte is writing sports, as you may have realized if you have read one of my stories this semester. I have a deep appreciation for sports and the entertainment they bring.

Sports have been a part of my life since I was 5. I watch, play and talk about them. Most recently I have also started critically analyzing them.

Sports is not the only thing I enjoy writing though. Features are fun to write because you get to talk to so many different people and you may learn things in the process. Opinion stories are also fun because, who doesn’t like telling people their opinions?

I chose to pursue journalism as a major because of the passion that was created for writing sports in high school. It allows me to stay connected with sports for a career rather than being a professional athlete, which was a childhood dream of mine.

I am very excited to write for The Lookout and grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me. Covering the sports at LCC has already been very enjoyable, just based on the few stories I have published this semester.

My dream job is to become a beat writer for a team in the NBA because I have a lot of knowledge about it due to basketball being my favorite sport.

This job is the beginning of my career as a journalist. The experience I can gain from covering different sports and talking to different people will help broaden my skills as a journalist and writer.



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