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Marketing club full of entrepreneurs

Marketing Club

From left, members of the LCC Marketing Club include Adviser Dan Mulligan, Farah Abudayeh, Kali Jury, Tesnim Smith, Katie Goble, George Davis, Lawm Kim and Juli-Ann Lang (via WebEx).  Photo by Alexandra McCluskey

Alexandra McCluskey

By Alexandra McCluskey
Staff Writer

Marketing: a word we are all aware of, and for most, unenthusiastic about. Marketing isn’t just a mundane task though. This can be seen within the American Marketing Association Club at LCC. 

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is a “community of future marketers and dedicated professionals who work, teach and study in the field,” according to, and LCC is lucky enough to have a student chapter of its own.

Previously, the AMA had been on hiatus. It was recently revived this semester by marketing major Katie Goble.

“Last semester I didn’t do a whole lot on campus,” Goble said. “I ended up changing my major to marketing. AMA gives us an opportunity to connect with business students outside of the classroom.”

The AMA meets every Thursday at 1 p.m. in the Gannon Building, room 1275.

Club Adviser Dan Mulligan said he has big hopes for the future of the club.

“This group of students is the most entrepreneurial that I’ve ever seen before,” Mulligan said. “Entrepreneurship is marketing. They both identify unmet need and wants. It harvests the value in a form of profit.”

AMA is centered on planning and events, with a focus on entrepreneurship. For example, the club is currently busy planning Marketing Week, which will include daily events for students on campus during the last week of October. These events will include a Halloween booth, a movie night, and a popcorn fundraiser with proceeds to be donated to charity.

Marketing meetingFrom left, LCC Marketing Club members Kali Jury, Katie Goble, Tesnim Smith, Lawm Kim and Farah Abudayeh make plans for Marketing Week.  Photo by Alexandra McCluskey

Additionally, a spring event to feature artists, makers, welders and fabricators of all sorts is in the works.

The club draws all sorts of students. One of them is Vice President Tesnim Smith, a business management major. She explained why she joined the club.

“Mainly because there’s a lot of business network connection; opportunities to use what we’ve learned in real life events,” Smith said. “Plus, it looks good on the resume; am I right?”

AMA is a club in which members get a chance to develop new and existing skills, Adviser Mulligan said.

“I would say the purpose of the club is for networking, to be exposed to career opportunities in marketing, and to get some real-life experience in event planning and marketing,” Mulligan said. “(It is) using marketing to solve problems.”

Members of the club had plenty of positive things to say.

“Being able to be involved with other students is the highlight,” Goble said. “Being involved with them, working with them, building each other up. There’s a sense of community. We grow and learn together, and that’s how strong friendships are built.”

All are welcome to check out the club meetings on Thursdays at 1 p.m. in Gannon Building room 1275 to see just how educational and rewarding this student club can be.



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