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Lookout Below: Start running!

Mallory Stiles

Mallory Stiles

By Mallory Stiles
Associate Editor

I just want to say someone stopped me and asked about my column on Hot Yoga, which made me realize this stuff is being seen! It just made me so happy I could have cried.

This is my dream, you guys, and with every word we share I fall a little bit more in love with what I do.

I see being able to write for The Lookout as an opportunity to influence my own corner of the world, and I promise to always treat it as the privilege it is.

I will only be giving you guys the best of the best advice and only after I have tested it out in my own life or on my own body first. I make a habit out of tasting my own medicine.

This week’s suggestion may cause some hesitation, or even some of you to stop reading altogether, and that is OK. They call them suggestions for a reason and I won’t know anyway.

That being said, I suggest we all start running just a bit more. I know, I know. No one likes running, hell, I don’t like running some days but it has been a stress reliever for me for the past six years and I can tell you it really does help.

The CDC can confirm there are far more benefits than drawbacks to being a runner, even if it’s only something you do a few days a week.

The main benefit of running, that I think most of need desperately, is a reduction in anxiety almost immediately.

Running also helps with weight management and reduces your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and a number of cancers.

Also, since we are getting so close, I should also let you guys know up that until around age 20 I fell down more than anyone else on the planet. Running strengthens bones and muscles but also improves balance, making it less likely to trip up the stairs or over your own feet.

I have less bruises now then before I started consistently running; still some, just less.

No matter where you are starting, get started. I want everyone reading this to at least give it a try. Whether that’s a half a mile, or a half of a half of a half of a mile, give it a go.

Just remember, the finish line is wherever you want it to be and your pace is YOURS.



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finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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