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Hope Heals: Don't let Trump triumph

Mallory Stiles

The Lookout Editor in Chief Mallory Stiles

Mallory Stiles

By Mallory Stiles
Editor in Chief

Every third conversation I have, I lead with, “Can you believe Donald Trump might be President again?”

I am truly afraid, so much so that yet another column is being dedicated to the presidential race. I know everyone wants to stop hearing about it. I want to stop writing about it, but that’s how countries are taken over.

Trump is now leading Biden in a recent NBC poll by two points for the first time in history.
I don’t care if he was running against the devil himself, he doesn’t deserve another vote. Ever.

Does no one remember his last term?

He was impeached twice, the country was ravaged by a pandemic due to his negligence, and he pulled us out of the PARIS agreement. He embarrassed us in front of every world leader alive, except his dictator buddies, of course. He also used his office to further himself financially, incited an insurrection and tried to steal an election.

I am scared even writing this. Will I be in legal trouble if Trump is reelected? This is not a question an American should have to ask themselves, but here I sit, worried.

I remember a story from 2020 when the “Black Lives Matter” rallies were going on and unmarked vans were spotted grabbing protesters off the street. The vans contained law enforcement officers and, apparently, every protestor was just being “transported for questioning.”

When the government starts using shady tactics to silence its own people, our country is changing.

I understand that those lost to the MAGA madness are not reading this and wouldn’t change their mind if they were. I am not talking to them. I am talking to every sane conservative, liberal, Democrat, independent and person who doesn’t identify with a political party.

This is not about politics anymore. This is about regime control crossing our borders and weaponizing the richest idiot they could find. Americans have called privileges like liberty and freedom promised for too long.

The time is now because all very well may soon be lost. Call your Congress person, write a letter to the Governor, talk to each other, show up to protests, intake trustable news only and spread the word.

We are at a crucial moment in history and I want to be able to say our country fought as hard as hell to affect the trajectory of our future.

There is a book my grandmother gave me for wisdom titled “Night” by Elie Wiesel. It’s a memoir based on his experience as a survivor of Nazi Germany.

In the beginning he talks about the war beginning a few towns over, and how a nameless man who somehow escaped came to warn everyone.

The whole town thought this man was crazy. Nothing like that could ever happen in their country, but he wouldn’t stop screaming to anyone he could about the dangers heading their way, agonizing over their willful ignorance.

No one listened and, in a few days, they were all headed to a concentration camp on a freight train.



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