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Lookout Below: Visit Shawhaven Farm

Shawhaven Farm

Ray Stiles enjoys a ride down the giant slide at the Shawhaven Farm in Mason.  Photo by Mallory Stiles

Mallory Stiles

By Mallory Stiles
Staff Writer

After the pandemic, empty shelves and things being out of stock seems to be the norm.

It turns out pumpkins have been in low supply since 2015, when production dropped more than 40 percent due to a large decrease in acreage planted and harvested.

Shawhaven Farm, located in Mason, is owned by Doug and Tami Shaw, who work hard to secure the supply by growing and selling pumpkins at a mere 45 cents per pound. They also keep admission prices to their farm of fun at under $10 per person.

Tami Shaw, a kind and cheerful woman, donated a few minutes of her time to talk about the business.

“The farm itself has been in Doug’s family for over 70 years,” Tami said. “But we have been doing agri-tourism for 17 years. It all started with the haunted house that we actually still offer.” 

Aside from the pumpkin patch, other daytime activities at Shawhaven include a corn maze, fun valley and an animal viewing area.

Fun valley offers a variety of games, including duck racing, different tosses and human foosball. The animal viewing area includes chickens, turkeys, goats, alpacas and one pot-belly pig. There is also a gigantic slide on the property for all ages, free of charge.

“We are growing, every year, a little bit more,” Tami Shaw said. “There’s enough room for everyone to have fun. We do get some crowds, but people like us because we stay small. We are a family operation.”

She said there have been a few proposals and weddings at the farm. The barn is strung up with light strands that could create a romantic atmosphere, but most days light up a cozy dining area.

When I visited the farm recently, Leah Dunneback and her son, Will, were in line for snacks, but happy to share their opinions.

“It was so fun!” Will said, with an excited young person smile.

“The corn maze is my favorite part,” Leah said. “It’s not overly hard, but it’s enough where you can get mixed up.

“We are going to go home with some good donuts, some apple cider and a lot of memories on a beautiful day.”

At nighttime, the farm offers three-minute escape rooms, a haunted house and a non-haunted flashlight corn maze.

The season will end Oct. 30, so please consider supporting these local business owners and get to the Shawhaven Farm for a wholesome and entertaining day of fun.

“My favorite part is just seeing families and young people having a good time,” Tami Shaw said.

 Just as a reminder, the farm does not sell alcohol, and the staff prefer it not be brought on property because it is a family-owned venue.

For more information, find Shawhaven Farm on Facebook or click here.



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finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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