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LCC library having cart-naming contest

Library carts

An LCC library cart is pictured with rules of the cart-naming contests, along with a few sample entry names.  Photo by Abby Cowels

Abby Cowels

By Abby Cowels
Staff Writer

The LCC Library is currently having a cart naming contest, in which anyone within the LCC community can submit their best library cart puns for a chance to win the prize of bragging rights.

The names will last up until the label falls off and they need replacing, according to library staff.

Submissions start this month and results will be posted in April. Participants will need to submit five name ideas at a time, and can submit as many forms as they would like.

So, why is the library holding a cart naming contest?

“Because it is fun!” Customer Relations Specialist Elliot Lowe (they/them) said, “We want to engage with students and the community to show them that libraries are a safe, fun communal space.”

There may be submission duplicates. So if that does happen, those who win the contest are encouraged to celebrate, nonetheless.

After announcing the winner, carts will then be labeled and individuals can visit those carts to appreciate their work, or just to see the carts’ new charming and witty names. Winners may even get their names in The Lookout!

For more information, visit the library in the TLC Building on LCC’s main campus, or click here.



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