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LGBTQ+ Club a judgment-free group


LGBTQIA2S+ Club attendees are shown bantering while playing board game “New Phone, Who Dis?” where players compete to create the funniest text message thread.  Photo by Buu-Tran Duong

Buu-Tran Duong

By Buu-Tran Duong
Freelance Reporter

The LCC LGBTQIA2S+ Club’s main goal is to be a safe place to interact without judgment on sexuality, gender identity, appearance, etc.

On March 20, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Gannon Building’s Student Life Space, the club hosted a board game night that attracted more than 35 students of different majors and backgrounds. Students came to banter and play Uno; New Phone, Who Dis?; Ticket to Ride; and more.

Club Advisers Tara Hardy and Lucas Van Duyne gave short announcements and asked what type of meeting the club members wanted next. The club agreed on an art and movie night on Wednesday, April 17 from 4 to 6 p.m. The location is pending.

Digital media freshman and Club President Jake Stevens, who used to be vice president of his high school Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club, was invited by Hardy to be an officer for the LGBTQIA2S+ Club.

Stevens said the new LCC club has built a great community.

“I notice a lot of people come in,” Stevens said. “They’re very happy and lively already instead of sitting silently in the corner. And if someone is sitting silently in the corner, other people welcome them (to join them).”

Club Vice President Alex Wooster, who was a house representative for her high school, was invited by Van Duyne to be an officer.

Wooster said he wanted to break the misconception that the LGBTQIA2S+ Club is only for gay people to find each other.

“We’re here for advocacy as well,” Wooster said. “We want this to be a space where people in the community come and be themselves and not be judged. … They can be vulnerable and have people to reach out to.”

It is not just the club officers and advisers who feel the LGBTQIA2S+ Club is an important asset to the LCC community. Club members and attendees also expressed love for the club.

Club member Harpy said she left a hateful area in rural South Carolina to find a safe space where she could be herself and found the LGBTQIA2S+ Club.

Pre-medicine major Michael Lepley also expressed his appreciation of the club.

“I love this club; it’s great,” Lepley said. “It’s a safe environment for us to socialize among people of similar experiences. … It’s not quiet and boring. It’s somewhere you can talk loud.

“We all sort of help inform (the officers’ and advisers’) decisions so they can have things we would show up to.”

Psychology major Haiden Hutchison also chimed in.

“We're very open and honest with each other,” Hutchison said. “You’re not pressured to act a certain way or do a certain thing. … They listen to us and respect our opinions.”

Club members emphasized that they welcome advocates and supporters of the LGBTQIA2S+ cause, so anyone who supports inclusion, diversity, and openness is welcome to their club for fun, games and talks.

For more information on the LGBTQIA2S+ club, including the site of the next meeting, contact the club advisers Tara Hardy and Lucas Van Duyne and request to be on the emailing list.



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