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LCC's east campus is a 'hidden gem'

LCC east campus

LCC's east campus is located at 2827 Eyde Parkway in Meridian Township, just east of Michigan State University. Photo by Julie Newell

Julie Newell

By Julie Newell
Editor in Chief

One of the hidden gems of LCC is the east campus, located at 2827 Eyde Parkway in Meridian Township, not far from the Michigan State University campus.

“We are one block south of the Hannah Plaza, where Pizza House and Sultan’s is located,” LCC East Coordinator Mark Khol said. “LCC East is in a two-story office building at the end of the street.”

Khol said that east campus is situated for the convenience of those who live or work in Bath, East Lansing, Haslett, Okemos or Williamston.

“LCC east is a place where friendly staff get to know you on a personal basis,” Khol said. “Parking is right next to the building and well-lit at night, and it is close to home for students who live in the Eastern suburbs.”

LCC east campus may be small, but it offers several great services.

“We are a small campus, so it is a very personable and comfortable place to take classes or study,” Khol said. “We have staff on duty to help students all the time the building is open.

“We offer many of the services available downtown, such as StarZone, testing services, a computer lab, comfortable study areas, tutoring in math and business, academic advising and success coaching.”

Along with the services, Khol said LCC east offers an abundance of technology for students and faculty to use, like smart boards, computers and an anatomage table, which helps medical students study cadavers without having an actual cadaver there in the room.

According to Khol, east campus offers mostly general classes.

“LCC fast offers the most common general education classes needed for any degree or for transfer,” Khol said. “We offer English, communication, math, biological science, social sciences and humanities courses.

“We also offer select courses in health and computer information technology. The majority of classes offered at east transfer to MSU as specific courses or general credit.”

LCC east is also home to the Evening Business Program.



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