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'LCC Connect' radio captures community

'LCC Connect' radio captures community

Arianne Olayinka

"LCC Connect" officially launched Jan. 8. Listeners can catch the voices, vibes and vision of LCC on this newly designed station.

"LCC Connect is a block of programming that features a range of podcast-based radio shows connected to LCC," said LCC Broadcast Services Manager Daedalian Lowry. "As these shows are podcast-based, after they have premiered on WLNZ, they will also be posted as on-demand content at the LCC Connect website."

LCC Connectis something that has evolved from LCC and Michigan Radio's recent deal to keep WLNZ on the air, according to LCC. The agreement was a result of a task force formed by the LCC Board of Trustees.

WLNZ's future had been in question after LCC cut funding for the radio station in 2020.

Lowry said the station is still owned by LCC.

The shows will air starting Saturdays at 1 p.m. and Sundays at 6 p.m. on 89.7 FM. Both airings are in two-hour blocks.

LCC Special Projects Coordinator Layne Ingram shared what was involved when forming "LCC Connect."

"When we were creating 'LCC Connect,' we really wanted to showcase what LCC has to offer – and that is quite a lot," Ingram said. "From our nationally recognized program to our expert faculty, to our regional and local partnerships and our amazing students who come from all different backgrounds and accomplish amazing things, I think that we are really onto something great with our programming."

Ingram expressed why people should tune in to the program.

"I think people should check it out because it's real and it's different." Ingram said. "These are real voices of people working and engaging at LCC every day. These are the stories of people whose lives have been impacted by the college – information about how LCC continues to support our community."

Ingram commented on what is to come for "LCC Connect."

"The future is bright for 'LCC Connect' We'll be launching a few more featurettes in the next moth or so, but we are really excited about the community content we hope to launch mid-year," Ingram said. "This will be the chance for members of the community to engage and be heard."



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