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Kaitlyn's Korner: Crochet a great hobby

Kaitlyn Delaney

Kaitlyn Delaney

By Kaitlyn Delaney
Photo Editor

 For Christmas of 2020, I was gifted crochet kits; sets that gave me everything I would need to create the cute stuffed animal the packaging showed.

I had tried crocheting scarves in the past, and somehow messed up every time. Despite this, I was excited to try a new way.

Apparently, however the kits were designed, they were exactly what I needed to understand crochet. Ever since, I’ve loved the craft. It is relaxing, fun and gives me a different creative outlet than my photography.

After a long day, or whenever I have some extra time, I find myself grabbing my crochet hook and yarn. With endless patterns online for free, or for a very small amount of money, I am never out of ideas of things to make.

I’ve made many things, from blankets and hats, to a giant dragon and way more stuffed animals than I will probably ever need. Despite this, I have plenty of yarn, and so I have many plans of more things to make.

There are many health benefits to crochet. It has been shown that crochet can help with stress, anxiety and blood pressure. It also promotes the mind to release serotonin, helping with depression, and dopamine, which helps us feel satisfied with our results and motivated to do more.

There also have been studies that show there are physical benefits to crochet. The repetitive motion helps with concentration, and the craft overall helps with memory and focus. It can also improve self-esteem and confidence.

The crochet kits I started with were made by a company called “The Woobles.” They provide users with the correct hook, very well-done instruction videos for pretty much every step, written patterns, eyes, a needle, stitch markers, and their own easy-peasy yarn.

Kits with a hook start at $30, and kits without, if you already have your own, cost $25. You can find the kits here if you would like to try something new, too.



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