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Kaitlyn's Korner: About banned books

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The Lookout Associate Editor/Photo Editor Kaitlyn Delaney

Kaitlyn Delaney

By Kaitlyn Delaney
Associate Editor/Photo Editor

To honor the great children’s author Dr. Seuss, March is known as National Reading Month. The goal of National Reading Month is to encourage all ages to remember the importance of reading.

Unfortunately, there are many people in our country who would like to limit what people can and cannot read based on their beliefs alone. This has led to the banning of many fantastic and very important books.

According to AAA State of Play, a total of 1,477 books were banned in the 2022 fall school semester alone, with Texas leading the charge with 438 banned books. Most of these books are educational in some capacity, but include specific themes that are considered “inappropriate” for readers.

Books that included themes or any instance of violence or physical abuse, mental health, sexual health, puberty, substance abuse and bullying were the most likely to be banned. The themes of death or racism were also largely banned.

My question is, how are people supposed to learn if you’re taking away their resources? How are young children supposed to learn how to be kind to other people if one of their largest sources of education is being severely limited?

As an avid reader throughout my youth, and still to this day, I can’t tell you how much vastly important information I have learned from books. I have learned so much about basic human decency from even the most far-off fantasy books.

The idea that somewhere, there are kids who will never be able to experience some of the best magic, while learning so much about the real world, is so saddening. To be swept away to a new world for a day is magic in and of itself.

The best way to prevent this from going further is to get involved and be educated. Stay in contact with your local library, reach out to your favorite banned authors, attend banned book events and, please, spread the word.



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