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Kaitlyn's Korner: New photography gig

Kaitlyn Delaney

Kaitlyn Delaney

By Kaitlyn Delaney
Photo Editor

Growing up, I never thought I would actually ever get into photography. I was always expecting to go into a job or career field involving animal care.

Now that I have realized that my passion for photography is not something that can be left in the background, I am so excited to be joining the team at The Lookout as the new photo editor. I look forward to being able to capture all of the fun things that Lansing Community College has to offer.

Photography has always had a spot in my life, from childhood with my pink plastic film Barbie camera, to getting my DSLR in high school. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I really dove into the deep end of photography and realized that I had some skill in the art form.

I photographed everything from flowers in my backyard, to cool buildings and landscapes. When my brother joined the soccer team his freshman year of high school, I photographed sports for the first time, and found a love for sports photography I never knew could exist. I guess little brothers can be useful for something!

From capturing some of the more special moments in players careers, to just finding those moments where even I wonder how I captured it, I enjoy being able to tell the story of the game through snapshots of time and events.

Photography isn’t the only thing I do with my life, though it’s pretty close. I also enjoy crocheting, reading and watching movies. All of those give me the opportunity to relax and learn something new, or even just escape from my own reality for a little while.

I can’t wait to see what The Lookout has to offer, and what the future beyond may hold.



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