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Kaitlyn's Korner: Pride in Michigan

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Kaitlyn Delaney is a first-year photo editor for The Lookout.

Kaitlyn Delaney

By Kaitlyn Delaney
Photo Editor

My third-grade teacher, Mrs. Bailey, is probably one of my favorite teachers I’ve had in all of my time in school. One of the things that I always remember about her is her love and pride for Michigan.

She was always teaching us new things about the state, probably much, much more than what her curriculum required of her. But she instilled in us, or in me at least, a genuine love for where I come from.

Some of you might not be from this amazing state, so I would like to share some of my favorite random facts that I’ve learned about Michigan over the years.

I will start off with one that I learned very recently. Forbes Magazine rated Michigan the fourth most haunted state in the country. They highlighted Michigan’s Central Station in Detroit, Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, and South Manitou Island as some of the most haunted locations.

Michigan was the first English speaking place, and the first state to abolish the death penalty in 1846 for all reasons except for treason.

The train featured in the classic Christmas movie “The Polar Express” is based off of a Michigan steam train called the Pere Marquette 1225. The engine still runs every year from my home town of Owosso to the Christmas Village in Ashley every year starting in November. It sells out extremely fast.

Lansing’s very own Michigan State University was the first land-grant agricultural college in the nation, and paved the way for over a hundred more to be created.

Grand Haven has “singing sand” that makes a whistling noise when you walk across it. I don’t know how or why, but it sounds cool.

Despite being nicknamed the “Wolverine State,” Michigan has not had a living Wolverine since 2004, and that one was the first one spotted in the state in 200 years.

I could continue on for ages, and go into so much detail about some of the amazing things Michigan has to offer. If this piques your interest, you can find even more on places like the Michigan.gov website, or even just doing a quick Google search of fun Michigan facts.



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