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Julie's Jukes: Labor Day merriment

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Julie Newell

By Julie Newell
Editor in Chief

Labor Day Weekend is often the last hurrah for many families to take a final vacation before the school year begins.

Growing up, the summer was both much anticipated, but also not exciting for me. Due to the nature of my dad’s job, summer is the busiest time of year for him.

So, while many of my friends would take several exciting vacations during the summer, most of the vacations my family would take would be during the late fall, winter and/or during my spring break.

Now, understand that I have never been upset with this. Whenever we were able to take a vacation, I was happy and had fun no matter what time of year it was.

Labor Day Weekend was one of those holidays where my family didn’t really do much because my dad was still busy with work, and we were never a huge camping family.

However, this year I had a busy Labor Day weekend. It started off on Friday when I drove home like normal to stay with my parents for the weekend. We had dinner, watched movies and enjoyed a nice relaxing evening together.

Saturday is when my weekend got busy. My friend Jenni’s birthday just recently happened, and her fiancé planned a surprise party for her and he invited a bunch of her friends, including me, to attend.

He rented a pontoon boat in Grand Haven, and we spent four hours out at Spring Lake, just cruising and enjoying the day. After a while we found a spot to lay down the anchor and we all took turns jumping off the boat and swimming around in the lake.

The downside of the day was that I ended up getting pretty badly sunburned.

Monday, my family from Grand Rapids was camping near where my parents live so, me, my mom, my grandma and my sister went out to their campsite to have lunch and visit.

All-in-all it was a pretty fun weekend.



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