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Kelly's Korner: Seeing 'Hunger Games'

Juanita Kelly-Hill

Juanita Kelly-Hill

By Juanita Kelly-Hill
Staff Writer

As an aspiring screenwriter, I feel as if I am not knowledgeable enough when it comes to the big time “classics,” whether it be movies or television series. 

At times I feel as if that makes me underqualified in some areas, because a writer should know the history and work to see the progression and great storytelling throughout the years, right?

Well, last night I decided to start off my journey by watching “Hunger Games” for the first time, a critically acclaimed movie with a huge fan base, based on the book of the same name.

I am a huge fan of the “Divergent” trilogy, which is also a dystopian movie with almost the same premise asHunger Games” – a poor and isolated society fighting for survival and survived only by the fittest all conned up by the elite of the world. So I figured “Hunger Games” would be a great watch, and boy was I right.  

The fact that it was also a cross of science-fiction made the movie all the more great, and I can’t wait to finish the series. I'm glad that I decided to watch the movie just in time to catch the new addition of the series that will be released in theaters in November of this year. 

Honestly, I could never imagine living in a dystopian society where I would have to fight for survival. Whether it be an apocalypse, a war that wipes out our resources or destroyed by global warming, or our current society collapses, I don’t want any part.

When you think about it, we already live in a society that is built around the survival of the fittest. The rich are getting richer, while the poor remain poor with resources diminishing to the point where there may not be enough for everyone.

Food is becoming artificial and lab grown, water is becoming unsafe to drink and the air is constantly polluted. But I digress. Hopefully, “Hunger Games” doesn’t become our reality.



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