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Kelly's Korner: Examining UFOs

Juanita Kelly-Hill

Juanita Kelly-Hill

By Juanita Kelly-Hill
Staff Writer 

Yesterday as I was walking on the treadmill at the gym, I noticed that the television in front of me was showing a video of a flying object appearing to be a UFO. 

It had caught me by surprise that the program I was watching was the morning news on Fox 47 and I became curious.

At the time, they were covering a segment on the recently released report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) sightings by The Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

According to the report released, the department reviewed 366 newly identified military sightings of UAPs. Of those, 26 were found to be drones, 163 balloon-like entities, and six appearing to be clutter, which leaves 171 of the UAPs unidentified.

The other 171 unidentified objects have been said to have demonstrated “unusual flight characteristics or performance capabilities” by Navy and Air Force pilots. 

The office will also have to release a report detailing the historical record of UFOs dating to Jan. 1, 1945, including secret programs or cover ups that may have been done to sway the public. 

The year 1945 is the year a UFO crashed at the site where the US had detonated the world’s first atomic bomb a month before. 

There was a book released regarding this incident in 2021 by a former contractor at the government’s UFO office and a UFO journalist, which included three eyewitnesses.

Two of the three eyewitnesses revealed they had seen strange creatures inside of the object.

Could it be outside militaries looking into the intelligence of the US military, or is it extraterrestrials curious about life on Earth?

Of course, the reports do not deny or confirm the presence of extraterrestrial life, but how much more fun would life be if we knew there were beings on another planet?

Imagine if we could casually travel through space and visit the many galaxies that space offers. 

I like to think that in the next century, granted civilization is still thriving, space travel will be a normal thing for people. 



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